Artificial Bait

Artificial baits are a new kind of lure, shaped like creatures and designed to have movement, vibration and a high level of attractants that easily leach out in the water. Although many soft plastics can and do include scents and flavours in their manufacture they tend to release easily from the surface but not from within due to their structure.

Artificial baits are made from a sponge like material that is soaked in the attractant and if left out of water to dry for prolonged periods they will shrink and harden and become unusable. It is this shrinking and hardening that demonstrates the sponge-like construction and gives a clue to why they are more successful at soaking up and releasing the attractants.

Without movement artificial baits simulate a dead bait, with movement added by the lure angler an artificial bait is closest to a live bait. Artificial baits are available in worm, fish, crab, maggot and creature forms.

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Another benefit from artifical baits is that most are biodegrade, you can see the results from Marukyu's tests below. So while the relatively few non-biodegradeable lures that are lost probably do not make an excessive contribution to pollution it is nice to know that you have a better lure from the attractant perspective and also that your lure will biodegrade if it is lost or torn from the hook. 

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It is advised to store artificial baits either in their resealable packaging or better still in a watertight container as, in our experience, the resealable packaging, whether ziplock style or a plastic bottle, does leak and the scents from some manufacturers are very 'fishy'.

Also we do not advise mixing the attractant liquids from differing manufacturers, they certainly can smell different, they may work in the sense that you catch fish when mixed and then again they may not work so well. Each manufacturer has invested a lot of time and research into formulating and perfecting their attractants and there may also be quality and safety issues. 

Boxes like these are available from supermarketsFor a more professional solution you can use the Ecogear Aqua Stocker, it features a 4 point lock system and "Nano Silver" for excellent antibacterial ability, it is also made from a darker plastic to reduce deterioration due to exposure to (UV) sunlight.


Maruyku / Ecogear

Marukyu, the pioneer of artificial baits and parent company of Ecogear, offer the following information:



Convenient and Easy Storage

The concept of AFBS (Artificial Fishing Bait Series) is to have bait which works like live bait but with the advantages of easy use and storage. AFBS has high level attractant power and catches fish like live baits and can be stored at room temperature it is really the future of fishing baits.

The liquid in which it is kept is a strong fish attractant but with a pleasant smell this together with the pack is safe for humans and the environment. All preservatives that are used are to food safety standards.


Easy to Use

AFBS can be used straight from the package like a lure. When you close the bag it keeps the product in good condition you can re-use anytime even if they are mixed with different colour baits there is no colour migration.


High Attraction

The two most important factors of attraction are taste and smell and we give you both with these baits The main attraction ingredients of AFBS are amino acids. MARUKYU have very long experience and knowledge of the best balance of amino acids and their blending for maximum fish attraction. Each product's shape was designed with reference to live bait form and features. We have size and colour variations to capture a wide range of target fish. We adjust each product's material hardness to perfect the action and feel.



Sometimes we lose lures in the water because they get stuck in the bottom. AFBS series use a biodegradable material so it decomposes into water and carbon dioxide. MARUKYU always makes repeated tests in the field and in the laboratory and their biodegradability is confirmed before they are put on the market. Maruyku have been researching these materials for many years and have accrued a great deal of data on this area of science.


Caution Notes

Maruyku/Ecogear also provide the following caution notes:

  • After opening package, keep zipper closed, store in a cool dark place with bag standing so as not to leak, please use as soon as possible. 
  • Please keep it soaked in preservation solution to prevent drying. 
  • Eco Gear Aqua does not transfer color even when mixing and storing color differences. 
  • It is recommended that you transfer the contents of the package to a sealed container beforehand and bring it to the field. 
  • Because the preservation solution is exclusively for ecogear aqua, if other worms or other liquids are mixed in, the performance may be deteriorated. Also, please make sure not to mix contaminated items with others and prevent rain water and water drops from entering your package as it may cause contamination. 
  • Do not eat it because it is not edible. 
  • Please keep out of reach of children and toddlers. 
  • Products are contained safely and preserved in liquid of high fish catching ingredients. Retained solution may turn brown as it ages, it does not affect product quality. 
  • Although the preservation solution gradually discolors or white precipitate may be generated, there is no problem in terms of quality. 
  • As preservatives, we are using what is accepted as food additives. We do not use substances harmful to the human body such as formalin.
  • Please keep away from direct sunlight or in the vicinity of fluorescent lights, other places of strong light or in the vehicle where it gets hot. In addition, when the preservative solution adheres to clothes etc, it may be difficult to remove even when washing it. Wipe immediately with a wet towel etc., please rinse with neutral detergent etc as soon as possible.
  • Because of the nature of the water-soluble polymer, gradual hardening is seen over time, but it will not hinder the actual fishing.
  • We have made every effort on products, but please send actual goods to our company if there are any problems you have noticed. If there are quality problems due to our manufacturing reasons, we will replace them with the same number of new products. 
  • This product is biodegradable, please do not throw packaging or discard lures in the fishing location.