This option is only available for completed orders. 

Return item(s) button is displayed for completed orders on the order details page.

To submit a return request, you will need to take the following steps:

Go to the My Account window and click Orders, as follows:


My Account.Orders


Click the Return Item(s) button beside the complete order that is to be returned. The Return Item(s) from Order # is displayed, as shown in the following example:


    • Qty. to return dropdown list allows selecting the number of items to be returned.
    • Return Reason dropdown list allows selecting the reason for requesting a return. For example, wrong product ordered, wrong product received and more. 
    • Return Action dropdown list allows selecting the required return action to take. For example, repair product, replace product, issue credit and so on.
    • In the Comments field, you can enter an optional comment for information purposes.

After using the Return Request feature, you can view your requests from the My Account page by clicking Return Requests:


 My Account.Return Requests